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Learn more about our three programs for early childhood education in Severna Park, MD, below:

Reading Readiness in Severna Park, MD

Your child’s development is very important to us, and through the use of different activities and play, they learn necessary social and problem-solving skills. We teach them about communication, including how to use words to describe how they feel and what they want; by continuously offering them opportunities to use their words, this will begin to prepare them for reading readiness in Severna Park, MD. Reading is an essential learning skill that will help your child for the rest of their life.

Our Severna Park Children’s Center is committed to offering your kids a safe and accepting environment for them to grow and develop their reading skills. Learning with other children can also make this activity much more fun and engaging as they can try and read in groups with our helpful and skillful staff. Taking on new challenges and finding solutions goes hand-in-hand with reading readiness as they learn to pronounce and enunciate words. Our combination of playtime, learning time, and quiet time is essential for children, which is why we allow every toddler to learn at a comfortable pace and never pressure them into activities without feeling confident.

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