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Early Childhood Education Severna Park, MD

Learn more about our three programs for early childhood education in Severna Park, MD, below:

Kindergarten Program

Our kindergarten program emphasizes readiness skills, particularly in language, reading, and math, but also in science and social studies. Additionally, we work with students on letter and number recognition and formation, as well as sound association. Concentration is placed on math concepts, terminology, and operations. Additionally, social studies bring children from themselves and their families into the community and beyond. Finally, science experiences help them better understand their environment.

In addition, music, art, socialization, and physical activities are all part of the kindergarten program. Our very small group atmosphere also allows for a great deal of attention and individualized instruction.

Pre-K Program

Our pre-kindergarten program for 4-year-olds builds on the skills presented at the three year old level. We want our students very ready for kindergarten. As we implement the curriculum, we follow the Anne Arundel County Guidelines for Kindergarten Readiness. (KRA). Our students move on with a sight vocabulary, ability to read simple sentences, an understanding of phonics, and are grounded in basic math skills. We also have social studies, science, art, and music activities.


Nursery School Program

At the earlier developmental level, our concentration is on socialization skills, language development, listening skills, and following directions. Large and small motor activities are also emphasized. However, literature is the most important component of our nursery school program that emphasizes many stories, poems, fingerplays, and nursery rhymes. Because of this, children with rich vocabularies and extensive language experiences will be successful readers at the appropriate time.

Through our many and varied activities, including music, art, and dramatics, we plan for a balance between directed and non-directed activities. We offer an unhurried loving, caring environment where children can: work, play, learn, explore, create, and grow.